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About us

Attorneys In Mississippi

Forget the stress and struggle of handing complex legal documents. Rely on Speights Law to guide you through even the most convoluted legal processes, so you can sit back and enjoy the results on the other side.

Practical Legal Support for Life’s Big Moments

Skip the headache of going through complex legal documents and never feeling sure you understand everything you just read. Instead, let Speights Law handle all the legal speak for you whether you’re buying or selling a home, planning your estate, or protecting your business.

Our Objective

Rural Mississippians have, historically, not had access to top notch, affordable legal counsel, but at Speights Law, we’re working to change that. We believe that legal advice and support should be available to anyone. I’m proud to assist people in some of the biggest milestones in their lives, buying or selling a home, planning for the family’s future, and growing businesses. As Mississippi’s premier real estate, business, and estate attorney and consultant, our goal is to help Mississippians with a range of legal needs, including:

  • Working through the home buying or selling process.

  • Understanding the legal aspects of mortgage loans.

  • Planning your estate for your family and loved ones.

  • Planning for your children’s future needs.

  • Saying goodbye to beloved family members and fulfilling their final wishes.

  • Helping you feel prepared for the next stage of your business.

  • Handling the legal aspects of your new or growing business, including DBA, LLC, and incorporation forms.

Meet Our Team

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